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Ninkear N16 Pro with 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P Up To 4.70 GHz and 2.5K IPS Screen laptop

Ninkear N16 Pro with 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P Up To 4.70 GHz and 2.5K IPS Screen laptop

Ninkear has launched a brand new laptop called the Ninkear N16 Pro. The N16 Pro is designed for professionals as well as gaming enthusiasts who need a laptop that’s good at multi-tasking as well as running different software and apps.

Ninkear N16 Pro

Ninkear N16 Pro Notebook is a powerful and efficient laptop that is perfect for multiple usage scenarios like work, studies, entertainment, and gaming. You can use the laptop for your office work as the 12th generation Intel I7 chip supports mainstream professional office software like  PS, CAD, etc. At the same time, it can be used as a gaming laptop thanks to its powerful processor and Intel Iris Xe Graphics which is great for multiplayer gaming.

Ninkear N16 Pro 1

The lightweight and compact N16 Pro weighs just 1.85 kg and comes in a metal body that holds two cooling fans. It features a large 16-inch IPS display with a 2560*1600p resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate. Powered by the powerful and efficient 12th gen Intel CoreTM i7-1260P chip it gives up to 4.70 GHz CPU performance. The laptop comes with 32GB DDR4 RAM and  1TB internal storage. 

Ninkear N16 pro

For your video calls, chats, and zoom meetings, you have a camera in the front and high-quality dual speakers. The laptop supports dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth v4.2. Fueled with a 4800mAh battery, it can give you 4 to 8 hours of run time depending on your usage. Other interesting features include a backlit keyboard, fingerprint id, windows 11, multiple connection ports, and more. 

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