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【Seconds to Know Knowledge Base】 Painful Choices Laptop Storage Selection Guide

【Seconds to Know Knowledge Base】 Painful Choices Laptop Storage Selection Guide

The price of semiconductor storage has gone up a lot in the last six months or so. But there's a question: when we buy a new laptop, do we just go for the larger capacity, or do we go for the lower end of the spectrum and upgrade ourselves? Of course in today's world of buying new products, it's already the era of all-solid-state, and mechanical hard disks are out of our consideration.


Memory: 16GB lower limit
Let's start with laptop memory. Today's laptops are pre-installed with WIndows 10 or 11, which take up several gigabytes of memory after the startup of these two clean systems, not to mention the memory-hungry browsers, which can easily use up more than 16 gigabytes of memory.

The author's previous computer was 8GB of RAM, often stretched to the limit. But now there is a very headache, that is, laptop memory upgrade will have trouble. The first trouble is the thin and light book, many of these laptops can not upgrade the memory, its memory is directly welded to the motherboard, so when you choose the configuration must be a one-time selection of the full. The second trouble is the game book, the new book's memory is dual-channel DDR5! That means you have to upgrade, you have to change two at once. But the replacement of 16GB, basically nothing to take, because the game book are 16GB to start, or notebook specifications, there is no demand.

Solid State Drives: 512GB to start

Another aspect of the laptop is the solid state drive. Luckily, now basically will be standard allocation to 512GB. greater generally have to be optional. 512GB relatively speaking as the system and commonly used space is certainly enough, but this capacity we do not recommend operating video footage or a lot of picture processing, installing a large number of games, after all, the system also needs virtual memory, which is used for disk space.


As with memory, solid state drives in laptops also have upgrade problems. Now the solid state drive are M.2 interface, but many laptops do not have an extended interface, buy as much as you can, want to upgrade to change the system disk is very troublesome. Fortunately is now the external interface is fast enough, the new laptop at least 20GB TypeC interface, you can use the external solid state to solve the problem yourself.


For the most painful choice of storage is Apple's users, in the configuration of the memory, hard disk will find that the price of selecting a larger soared, taking into account the external is not expensive now, the budget if limited here is recommended to solve the problem of capacity with an external program, especially video and other applications.

In short, today's configuration 16GB memory, 512GB solid state is the lower limit, if you can choose, can support upgraded storage laptops will be more friendly, such as Ninkear N16Pro, N15Pro , A16 and other laptops.

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