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We offer a 2-year warranty, within 2 years from the time you sign for your purchase, if there is any damage or performance failure caused by non-human factors, we will provide you with free repair service or bear the repair costs. Transportation costs incurred during the repair process will be borne by us.

Note: Please back up your personal data in advance before sending it for repair or shipping it for repair. The repair process may result in the loss of your personal data and Ninkear is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal data during the repair process.

How the warranty works

When you purchase the product within 2 years of failure due to defects in the product itself. Please contact us ( with your order number, as well as a video or photo of the fault that arose and a detailed description. We will reply within 24 hours.

What are the repair options

1. If we have a repair center in your country or region, you need to pack the product and mail it to our designated repair center according to our requirements and the address provided. After mailing the package, provide us with the tracking number of the package, and we will arrange the local repair center to repair it for you.

2. If we do not have a repair center in your country or region, after contacting us for confirmation, we can authorize you to have the product repaired in other local stores. When your repair is completed, you need to provide us with the bill for the repaired product, and we will reimburse you according to the amount of the bill.

3. If the repair is not possible in your local area, and you can't mail it to our repair center for repair, in case you have the ability to repair the product by yourself, we will send you the parts needed for the repair, and you will repair the product by yourself, (Note: If you use this program, after we send the repair parts, if you can't complete the repair, or the repair fails, we will no longer provide free repair service)

4. You can mail the product to China, we will do the repair for you, after the repair is completed, we will mail the product to you again.

5. If none of the above options apply to you, we will calculate the corresponding amount according to the time you use the product, and then compensate you.

We have authorized repair centers in those regions

Russia: Moscow

Spain: Madrid

Philippines: Manila

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

Non-Free Returns and Warranty

The following cases are not covered by free return and warranty:

1. Exceeding the warranty period;

2. Damage caused by not using, maintaining or storing the product in accordance with the product instruction manual;

3. Damage caused by disassembly by maintenance personnel during the non-warranty period;

4, without a valid warranty certificate and a valid bill of lading (except for those that can prove that the goods are within the validity period of the three packages);

5, unauthorized alteration of the warranty certificate;

6, the product model or number on the warranty certificate does not match with the real thing;

7、Damage caused by the use of pirated software;

8, the use of the process of virus infection caused by damage;

9, no factory name, factory address, production date, product certification;

10, damage caused by man-made reasons;

11, damage caused by force majeure factors;

12, beyond the normal conditions of use, forced use and cause product failure or damage;

13, other non-product design, manufacturing, quality and other issues caused by failure and damage.

If any of the above situations occur, the user has to pay for the maintenance costs.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 

Maintenance Center Introduction

Russian Federation

Moscow Authorized Repair Center

Kingdom of Spain

Authorized Repair Center Madrid

Republic of the Philippines

Manila Authorized Repair Center

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